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CPI Targets Model

CPI Targets Model

CPI Targets Model

What are CPI Targets?

CPI Targets are unique parameters incorporated into the ASA Script developed in collaboration with Adobe. These parameters allow users to specify an ideal Cost-Per-Install (CPI) for a specific campaign. Once set, the script works tirelessly to assess real-time performance and auto-adjust the Cost-Per-Tap (CPT) bids at the keyword level.

Main Objective

Our primary goal was to create a machine learning model that could autonomously predict suitable CPI targets for Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns. The vision was to eliminate the need for manual inputs from consultants and experts, allowing for a seamless and automated workflow.

CPA Goals Optimization

What are CPA Goals?

CPA Goals are another groundbreaking feature, available directly on the ASA console at the ad group level. These allow users to pre-set the amount they are willing to spend per conversion. This not only adds a layer of cost management but also aids the ASA algorithm in optimizing bids.

Main Objective

The mission behind this model is to automatically select a Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) Goal that serves two purposes: to minimize the Average CPA and to maximize the number of impressions. In simpler terms, we aim for more visibility at a lower cost for each ad group in your campaign.

Deploy our CPA Goals model today and take your ASA campaigns to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness!

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